Frequently Asked Questions 

The following points are meant to address questions related to the project and the national survey. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the survey design team at

Purpose of the Survey

Why have I been asked to complete this survey?

Every real estate professional across Canada has been invited to contribute. Regulatory bodies are gathering information about your experiences in order to validate the new competency profiles. This step helps to ensure the profile accurately reflects your day-to-day work and accounts for current trends in the profession.

Why should I care about competencies?

Competencies set out what you and every real estate professional are expected to know and be able to do. They have many uses but most of all they form the basis for education, training and licensing. They are used by regulators to ensure the Canadian public is receiving safe and effective service from all professionals. Competencies are also used by employers and individual real estate practitioners (like you) to assess proficiency and identify personal learning needs.

Do the regulators think we lack competence?

Not at all. The development and implementation of competencies is standard practice for many professions. Competencies serve to set a benchmark against which all real estate professionals can be educated and evaluated. Review the competencies with a colleague and talk about which ones you have already attempted and/or mastered!

Accessing and Navigating Through the Survey

Can I open the survey and come back to it later?

Yes. The survey will remain open until 31 May, 2021.

Can I start the survey on my mobile and finish it on my laptop?

Unfortunately, if you switch devices between sessions your responses will not carry over. Please use the same device from start to finish.

Are my answers really anonymous?

Yes. Responses will be reported to the RERC in aggregate form only.

Working Through the Questions 

What if I think a competency fits between two levels?

Choose the level that you feel fits best. During the analysis phase, the consultants will carefully consider the competencies that don’t have clear or unanimous ratings.

Why are you asking such personal questions at the end of the survey? 

The survey seeks to collect information from real estate professionals to ensure the profile reflects the needs and experiences of everyone. It’s important that we hear from people who reflect the diversity of real estate professionals and the public to help us identify blind spots (or biases) that disadvantage certain individuals while giving advantage to others. We would like the final version of competency profiles to reflect the opinions and needs of minorities. 

National and Provincial Perspectives

Will this project change the way real estate professionals are regulated?

No. A competency profile is the benchmark used by primarily by professionals when becoming registered and to enter practice.

I’ve never heard of the Real Estate Regulators of Canada (RERC). Is it new? 

The RERC is a not-for-profit, voluntary gathering of provincial/territorial regulators who have come together to collaborate in order to support each member’s effectiveness to achieve and sustain regulatory excellence. This involves exchanging information, developing common standards and strategies to address common regulatory issues. More information can be found at

What will happen to the provincial/territorial regulatory bodies? Is the RERC taking over as the new governing body?

The RERC is not a governing body. It is simply an opportunity the regulatory bodies have created to work together. The provincial/territorial bodies continue to exist under their respective legislation and mandate.